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New Jeep Add-ons – Grab Handles – Hard or Soft?

Grab some Grab Handles

This was one of my first purchases for my Jeep Wrangler… BEFORE I even got the keys in hand. At the time, I didn’t even know about the solid bar bolt-on types. My focus was to get them all… Front, rear and behind the seats. My intention was to make it easy for my shorter passengers options to embark and disembark safely.

I made sure that they were going to be as secure as possible. I picked up all three sets up through Amazon… did my comparative shopping and dropped them into my cart.

That Was Then, This is Now

Everyone is different and has their own preferences. The grab handles are super easy to install with a single Phillips screwdriver. There is a range of different styles and qualities.

  • Solid Bolt-on to your A-pillar (front)
  • Nylon Straps that Velcro around the roll bar (front) (back)
  • Nylon Straps that bolt into your Soundbar (rear)
  • Solid Bolt the bolt into your Soundbar (rear)
  • Some handles are just straps with foam, paracord or nylon covering something semi-solid

My first grips were the nylon straps with heavy-duty Velcro locking down around the sport cage. I installed them on all the doors and on the driver/passenger headrests for the rear passengers. They worked great but not as secure as I would have liked it them to be. Plus, I ended up removing the front driver’s side grip from the cage; I kept hitting my head on them when while I was exiting. I finally settled on the metal grab bars. I wanted to grab something solid, something that wasn’t going to give way when my weight shifted. Plus, pulling myself up and grabbing the steering wheel was not good for it, I’ve be told.

Soft Grip Handls

PROS: You save some money with the soft grab handles. They are easy to remove from the roll bar when needed, and there are SO many varieties to choose from; this type of handle can range from being made from paracord to having a nice plastic grip for you to grab onto.

CONS: If you’re tall… prepare for some collision; you will hit them on exit from your Jeep. A lot of give to them when you try to pull yourself in. Some straps do not secure well to the cage and slide around even more. So I suggest getting the Velcro version to your can really lock it down.

Solid Grip Handles

PROS: A Solid Bar that is not going to move when used. It’s up and out of the way when entering and exiting. Better point of attachment… easier to pivot and swing in and out from.

CONS: Bars are a bit more expensive than the strap grip handles. They are solid… so if you do bang your head against on it, it will not move out of your way. Yes, the market is flooded with different types, but be sure to get a reputable brand with good reviews.

The product in this video was purchased from Amazon by me for My Jeep. Very reasonably priced.
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Bottom Line…

I love the Metal Handle Bars. They’re are not a new thing to the trucks and SUVs out there. Pretty much every truck and SUV has some sort for handle grip right there on or near the A-Pillar. Spend a little extra now and get what you are really wanting. That is what I recommend to do.

What are your thoughts? Comment below. Let me know if this WAS or WAS NOT helpful!

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