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Quality Skid Plate – Protect Your Jeep

This is a HOW TO and Review of TuffStuff 4×4 Under Armor kit.  Currently on sale for $189.00 $199 directly from

Quick Details about the product:


The Tuff Stuff® Under Armor Skid Plate for 07-16 Jeep Wrangler JK’s are a necessity when out 4 wheeling the rocky trails. The Underbody skid plate is designed to install using existing bolt holes on the frame and takes between 2-3 hours, from start to finish, to install. This is a must-have investment if you plan to take your Jeep into rocky conditions. The underbody Skid Pan will give you peace of mind when sliding your vehicle over obstacles that may potentially put your undercarriage at risk.

The Tuff Stuff® Skid Pan covers your factory oil pan, transmission pan, and both catalytic converters without sacrificing clearance, rigidity or suspension travel. The Tuff Stuff® Skid Pan has also been tested up to 40″ of flex and has not let us down! All bolts that cross member are protected by tapered & recessed washers to protect the bolt heads from being ground down on steep rocks.

**REVISION: No longer includes the 6″ X 6″cover plate for the oil drain hole shown in pictures**

Installation of the skid plate:

Our under armor skid pan installs in front of the factory motor mounts as well as the rear cross member using the supplied bolts.



My Jeep:  Jeep 2014 JKU Automatic

TuffStuff Under Armor Install.

Great Price!  Fast Shipping!  Great customer communication!

skid front overviewI purchased this kit directly from TuffStuff 4×  The installation process was pretty straightforward; I didn’t really need any instructions. It didn’t come with any instructions besides the product description stating to just mount to the front of the motor mounts and the cross member in the back.  I couldn’t find much on the internet besides the above image.

Solo here… installing was going to be a task.   I used two ratchet straps to help hold the skid plate in place while I bolted it together.  Solved.

While it was hanging all semi “in-place” and lined up,  I hand tightened the front mounts on both driver and passenger side.  I lined up the rear bolts and tightened them down with air tools.  Then with a wrench and an air tool with universal, I tightened the front.

I did the rear driver side piece after everything else was done and back on the ground.  The lift was in the way during the main install.  I hand tightened the stock bolt with its original washer first and then with a wrench and Allen/hex I tighten the two bolts to the main skid and then used the air tool to do the final on the stock bolt.  DONE.

Optional:  install the 6″ x 6″ oil drain cover…     Phillips screwdriver.


skid front driver  Here is a photo of the front driver side– look at how it mounts to the front motor mount and the skid.  I put the longer side of the bar on the top so it lined up the oil drain hole better.

skid front passenger

Above, is a photo of the front passenger side–  front of the motor mount and the inside of the front of the skid.  The bar is identical on both ends… doesn’t matter top or bottom.

skid rear stock bolts re-used  Here is a photo of the rear of the skid–  I don’t know why…  the four bolts that were supplied did NOT fit or were of DIFFERENT thread then the stock mount holes (with the exception of the LONG bolt on the passenger side…  it was not long enough to clear through the cross member).   I used the shop air tool and a vice to separate the stock bolt from their washers to used the stock bolts to mount the rear of the skid plate.

skid rear view  Here is a photo of the rear skid place–  reused the stock bolts in place of the supplied bolts because the threads did NOT match.

PROS:  Great price, solid materials, easy install (easier with a buddy), bolt on… lol.

CONS:  Just one…  minor issues with supplied bolts that did NOT fit.   Different thread.  The workaround was reusing all for of the stock bolts, removing washers from three to fit in supplied “Skid” washers.  See the photos above.

Overall…  Very Happy!

While my Jeep was up with a full droop, I was concerned that the front of the skid plate might make contact with the front trusses, but it cleared them when I brought it back to the ground by about 1-2 inches.

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2 thoughts on “Quality Skid Plate – Protect Your Jeep”

  1. Another must have item for the Jeep. I am curious, as it is just my son and I. I can purchase this and then take to a shop to have put on? I don’t think I want to take to the Jeep dealer, as it seems their prices are a bit high on having work done to the car. Thanks!

    1. It depends on if you have the tools on hand and how much of a drive you have to do-it-yourself. One could do a couple YouTube searches of Jeep Under Armor install to review the process… Pricible of the install is the same across the board. Safest is to have it done by an outfitter. The plates are pretty heavy and a little stressful to install, but one could do it at home solo on jack stands. I did mine at an Auto Hobby Shop on base (deployed overseas stationed at a USAF Base) so I had access to impact tools and personnel to assist if I need help. My trick was using ratchet straps to hold most of the weight of the plates while I positioned them and slowly got all of the bolts in before tightening everything down.
      Plus side of this project is the hands-on experience, low potential for doing something wrong doing a DIY, and the additional weight to your low center of gravity.

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