Jeep Build – From Start to Never Finished

This page is a bit of a documentary of my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport of its stock state to Big Jeep. It was not an overnight process… I started with the basic stuff from the interior to the exterior. From grip handles, seat covers, and MOPAR Slush mats to lift kits, gears, lockers and 37in tires. This post is a work in progress and a bit of a landing page for what my site is about.

I, like many Jeep owners, want to “personality-ize” our elite/awesome off-road vehicle. LOL! Even if it is going to be our daily driver, grocery getter, or a soccer mom/dad transporter. It WILL NOT look like any of the other Jeeps on the road.

Here I am going to indicate each of the add-ons, accessories, modifications, and kits that I used on my Jeep… making it my NextLevelJeep!

Jeep Selected and Out for Delivery – Pre-Jeep Phase

At the time of the “Pre-Jeep” phase of my life, I was living/working overseas in South Korea, working at Osan Air Base. Living and working on-base for the government or a contract (under SOFA), you have the added benefit of purchasing new cars from Military Auto Source (formally Exchange New Car Sales). This service is geared to get you that new car and have it waiting and ready for you when you PCS-Move back to your home station in the US. MAS also sells new vehicles to SOFA folks on base. You can order and have it delivered, order new/customized vehicles and get it shipped to you on base or you can pick from what they already have in-country.

I had my mind made up… I wanted a JK Unlimited, Sport and in a dark color. They had one but it was on another base and can be shipped in the next week. Done, I had a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport S in Anvil color (blue/green/grayish color) within the week. That night I started ordering gear from Amazon and All-Things-Jeep.

These are in the closet order I purchased and installed:

Got My Keys – I’m a Jeep Owner

It was a big surprise to my wife who had “forgot” approving the purchase from months before. Back then, I owned an Equinox and a Hyundai Star X 11-passenger van. She said that I would have to sell one of my other vehicles before I get the Jeep. So I sold the Equinox and used that same money to put the deposit on the Jeep.

On the big day, we stopped by the base’s vehicle registration office to do something, and the Jeep was there. I come back to the van and ask her and my daughter (she remembered) to grab your stuff and come with me. I handed her a key and said “This one is for you,” and we got into the new Jeep parked across from our van. She was shocked and got a little crazy in her eyes. I said, “Here is our new Jeep, what do you think?” …. lots of “I forgot”s and what whats but my daughter had my back, and all was… OK after that.

And So It Begins… Just Empty Every Pocket (JEEP)

Does this ever stop?

The building activity can finally begin!

  • Front Bumper Hoop (fit stock and had two light mounts – Amazon)
  • KC lights (Amazon)
  • Front Bumper End Caps (They curve up)
  • Tailgate Fold-out Table (Springtail Solutions – Direct)
  • Rear Cargo Storage (fit over each wheel-well by Springtail Solutions – Direct)
  • sPod Switches for JK (SPOD 4×4)
  • LED Light Bar/Mount/A-pillar LEDs – (Brand X – Amazon)
  • 3.5 in Lift Kit (Metal Cloak – Game Changer – Direct)
  • 12,000lbs Winch (Smitty Built – Amazon)
  • Angry Bird Grill (Amazon)
  • NX Soft Top FastBack – (Amazon)
  • Roof Top mesh Screen
  • Tire Rack Storage
  • Gobi Rack – Stealth

First up was the Mopar Slush Mats…  Keep my new carpet new as long as I can!  No tools were required for that install… I just pulled out the carpet mats and snapped in the MOPAR mats.   For me, I like the way the Jeep tread pattern was designed into the mats, plus it was a Mopar product for the Jeep… Purchasing it on the side… (eBay) saved me a few bucks.

Next was the seat covers…  I did not go cheap with the seat covers… I want something that was very well known, highly rated and made to last!  Wet Okole Hawaii Seat Covers.  These were going to keep the new seat new… for as long as possible.  They need to take the abuse the come with Jeep Life!   The install was relatively easy.  I enlisted the help from the wife and daughter.  Just a heads up for you… do this on a cool day…   It was a bit of a workout to push/pull and stretch them into place.  I remember after I completed the install, my fingertips were raw…  getting the ends through the seat bottoms and seat backs were very tight fit.  You want these to be as tight as possible.   In the end, we are pleased with them.


More… and Some Mind Changes

I find myself making a couple changes… the worst thing, right?  I hate wasting time and money on something and then turn around and change it back or change it to something different because it will not work or fit with the new configuration.

  • Stubby Bumper – (Rough Control Stubby – Jeeper2Jeeper Purchase)
  • Body Armor 4×4 – Bumper /w Tire Carrier and Jerry Fuel Can add-ons
  • Dynatrak Pro Grip breaks
  • Fox 2.0 Adjustable Shocks
  • Eton e-Locker front
  • 4.88 Gears
  • Adams Drive Shafts

It never stops.

As stated in the beginning… these are ongoing / working pages…  I will keep updating this as I break down each of the Mods I install on the Jeep…   I will make an article for each one…  I will put my two cents in on why I spend that money and why I changed mind.  PLUS…  each one will be open for your two cents…  comments, and question.   This is a community that welcomes everyone.

We all deep down want to make our Jeeps….  Next Level Jeeps!


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