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Best Jeep Seat Covers – Everyday Protection

How to avoid or lower the impact of that unforeseeable poetical of a permanent stain on your seats.  Seat covers-if it is not too late-are a great idea to lessen the blow of an accidental spill.  My first “new” vehicle I purchased of which did not have leather, was a Chevy Equinox with light gray cloth seats.  I had it for seven years and protected the places the best I could without actually buying seat covers.  I did okay… except two instances of a spillage.  The stains weren’t horrible, but they were noticeable even after cleaning.  I couldn’t afford to have them professionally cleaned.   I sold the vehicle and made sure the next one will have a good set of seat covers.

My Jeep Wrangler Sport did not have leather… it had gray cloth seats!  They were getting covered… it was for their own protection!  Mine did not limit my selection process to budget.  I was more concerned with color, pattern, and material of the seat cover.  It is a Jeep, and there is a 100% possibility that the seats will get exposed to other elements, that a typical car/SUV would not be. I found that it was vital to find seat covers that are robust, waterproof, UV resistant, and extremely forgiving to wear and tear. I ended up getting an amazing Hawaiian neoprene seat cover set from Wet Okole!

Wet Okole

Wet Okole Samples

Excellent construction and fitment for your Jeep.  There are special instructions for customization when the order is submitted.  Sets usually are not pre-made, therefor customizations are a part of the manufacturing process. On the other hand, availability leans on the time it takes for them to make, package and ship to you.  Mine did take a little longer than expected to create and arrive  (unaware of the process at the time).  I ordered a standard front and rear set.  Priced at about $260 each ($620.00+ for front and rear).  The only add-on was rear zipper pockets for the driver and passenger side.  Over time my zippers have broken, and a pocket had torn at the bottom (NO FAULT of the product, a piece of camping equipment snagged on the entry or exit of the vehicle damaged the pocket).  I purchased mine through  Did a quick look at their site, bit hard to find, still had a “Start Designing Your Seat Covers Now!” section.  Easy to use design wizard to walk you through building your own set.

Wek Okole Build

Buy them at Wet Okole Directly

When building them out on both sites, I found the Quadratec offered free shipping, Design Wizard was very easy to use, and the set was priced lower.  However, when ordering directly from Wet Okole, you have more color/pattern options, and you have the option of selecting preloaded, custom, or no logos.

My only drawback to these is that it is super hot in the summer, I find myself sweating a lot extra in the seat.  Maybe this is what is expected when using neoprene seat covers.  It is just a rubbery barrier between you and the original seat.  I point this out because of reading comparison reviews Wet Okole and other premium Jeep seat covers.

Bartact Mil-Spec with MOLLE

Bartact SeatCovers

What has me considering the Bartact Mil-Spec or Tactical seat covers is the construction and the MOLLE webbing alone the entire back and sides.  If I end up needing to replace my Wet Okole covers front or back, I would spend the cash on a set of these.  Over the years of getting stuff for my Jeep, I have had a few MOLLE accessory bags, hooks and stuff that would easily latch onto the seat backs.

Price comparison between and Bartact (maker) differ not by much.  Quadratec has a front set at $309.99 with free shipping and the same selection of colors.  Pricing at has them on sale for $319.99 with free shipping (they are the source).  At the time of this article… a $10 different.   The difference may be the access to the source.  Below each item at Bartec is a contact name and number of whom can help you with any questions and customization you may really want to do for your Jeep.

My next set of covers… at least for the front seats are going to be these Mil-Spec.

Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Custom Fit Seat Covers

I think this can be a very close comparison to the Bartac due to its MOLLE webbing and design.  I am not sure on actual fabric materials.  The benefit to the Smittybilt is that they have, included with the front seat pair for covers, FIVE pouches to attach to your seat backs.  This goes well is their line for G.E.A.R. covers: rear seat, tailgate, and overhead console each are MOLLE webbed and include pouches to store you trail gadgets.  I do have the tailgate covering, and two pouches of with replacing the covering with a table and the pouches are still in use holding tools and other stuff.  The overhead I just installed to accommodate the mounting of radio soon.  The downside to some Smittybilt products is that they tend to be a little less than top-tier in quality (referencing some bumpers, sliders, and Rooftop tents…  some good products but not the best…  sorry), but in this case with the G.E.A.R. line of products, they have done well, and I would consider them to be an excellent option.

Amazon has them priced $231.99 for the Front, and the Rear is priced at $213.99 has them at the same price. has them at the same price.


To Summarize…

This review of seat covers brought me to consider a couple of questions.  Do I want quality long lasting covers?   Do I want customization?  Am I going Tactical or keep it simple?

Notice I did not list a review on any of the overabundance of neoprene seat covers that lean on the cheap side.  They are what they are.  Like to last a couple of years and what was black is faded brown or red is now light orange… due to UV exposure.

If I were to do it again?  Yes, I would still spend the money on the good stuff, would I repurchase the Wet Okole?  Maybe not… because now there are some great options like the G.E.A.R. or Bartac.  That is just me.  I am still very very happy with my Wet Okole.

Maybe when my rear seat pockets are finally unusable…  I will revisit this and get one or the other.


4 thoughts on “Best Jeep Seat Covers – Everyday Protection”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is perfect timing that I found this post! We have a 2016 Jeep Wrangler and have been looking for seat covers, as well as a few other items for the jeep. My son has kind of “taken over” driving it and left me driving his vehicle. So, he has a long list of items he wants. I am going to bookmark this page and show it to him when he gets home for work. The seat covers we definitely need now.

    1. Yah.. nobody likes getting caught in the rain without a jacket or umbrella. That is why the seat covers for my Jeep was one of the first things I purchased. Thinking back, I may have purchased the covers before I even had the Jeep in my possession. So you may be asking yourself the same questions I do in the post which ones… So many cool options. Thank you for the comment. Drive Safe!! -Jeep Wave -Jesse

  2. I have been looking around for some seat covers for a while and just couldn’t decide what to go for. I’m glad I found your article so I know what to pay attention to. I quite like the sound of the Bartact Mil-Spec, seems to be very sturdy and top quality. I was just wondering how the customization process works and also whether I can easily fit the covers myself or whether I should have them fitted. I would like to get everything sorted within the next few weeks. Do you think that’s realistic?

    1. Sammy, Thank you for reading my article and taking the time to comment. To answer your questions about the customization process I have found that directly from Bartact.

      Do you offer custom embroidery on the headrests?
      YES! We offer custom embroidery for an additional charge. If you already have an embroidery file in a .dst format, it is very simple. If not, we can digitize your logo so it will work. The digitizing usually costs anywhere from $50-$60, depending on the difficulty of the logo.

      Is custom colored stitching available?
      YES! We offer custom colored stitching upon request at an additional cost. Custom order items do take longer to deliver.

      If I get JK seat cover for 2007-2010 and I decide to get a newer JK (2011-2012), will the seat covers still fit?
      YES! The seat covers are the same for JK’s from 2007-2012. However, they do have different headrests. New headrests can be ordered at additional cost.

      Do you offer seat covers for seats with internal airbags?
      At this time, we are offering seat covers compatible for seats with internal airbags. (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

      Fitting can be done by yourself with minor difficulties with slipping the covers over the seat tops (very tight fit until it is completely over the seat back), very tight slipping the upper and lower end thru the bottom of the seat, and maybe a point of installing the headrest. This is a little cutting involved. I think that any good seat covers that are to fit well are going to be very tight getting installed. The goal is to have new seats that don’t look like they have seat covers on them. They have to be tight.
      Good news!!! Bartact has supplied an Install Video that covers the whole process and includes a couple tricks to make it easier.

      I hope this helps! Thank you for the comments.

      “Jeep Wave”

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