Best Jeep Grills – My Angry Bird

One of the Best first exterior mods…

Here is what I did to my Jeep Wrangler during my lunch break.  I swapped out the OEM grill with something cool.  I found myself getting the “Angry Bird Grill”.  I wanted it to still maintain the Jeep look but be a little different.  I am a fan of the slots in the front… “it’s a Jeep thing” and haven’t wondered to far away from that.  Purchased through I had selected a matte back plastic grill that was to come from China.   The price was right, the review where good and I was ok to way for the shipping.  Looking up my orders from 2015… this grill is going strong and now being fulfilled directly from Amazon vs. the shipping from China.

Angry Bird Jeep Grill
I installed the Angry Bird Jeep Grill on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler in early 2015. I didn’t paint it… left as-is (matte black). In the photo above after returning from a Tillamook OR to Dayton OH trip. Lots of bugs have found themselves attracted to the grill as Angry Bird Food. Still very happy with it after all these years.  Here is my GRILL on Amazon.
The install was super easy…

I think I did it over my lunch break with a flathead screwdriver and pair of needle nose pliers.  Remove of some plastic retainers along the top and it unsnaps from the front.   Pliers were for removing the snap-in retainers from the old grill and transfer them to the new.  The turn signals lights where just the same.  I was done.  I had no intention of painting it…  I liked the matte black… I went well with my Jeep.

What can I offer in this article

It is all about advice here, because there are some many different grill options out here.  It really comes down to personality.  Is a grill just a grill?  Not really…  What do you want it to say when you look at it?  =)

One of the best places I found while looking at and buying aftermarket grills…  Amazon of course:

(These are Amazon Affiliate Links…  Why..?)

When looking through the list Amazon selections that I noticed and liked… Please observe the location of where it is coming from.  Look at the review comments, pricing, and shipping time.  I prefer having my orders filled by Amazon because it is already here in the US and likely sitting and waiting in an Amazon Distribution Center somewhere ready for me to buy and get it next day if I wanted.

Something to look out for your selection…   Does it come with the weather stripping that fit the top of your new grill and the bottom front of them here where the meet and latch down?  Does your new grill come with clips and retaining pins…?  Are you expected to remove the old one from the OEM grill you are upgrading from?

My grill came with the weather stripping but nothing else… I had to remove the old clips and retainers from the original grill.

Make sure you use an alcohol to wipe down the surface of the grill that weather stripping is expected to adhere to (this is pretty much a one-shot deal of getting it right the first time).

I would love you hear what you think!  Please comment below.  What grill did you end up going with?  What was the install easier then you thought??


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