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Best Jeep Floor Mats – First Jeep Add-ons

You HAVE heard of the saying… “Protect your investment!” That includes your Jeep! So, you’re looking for the best Jeep floor mats and want to be done with it.  Your first and last purchase of floor mats for your Jeep. When I bought my Jeep new, it didn’t come with the mats that can take the wear and tear I had planned.  Mine came with the bare minimum…  “Floor Mats” …checkbox checked.  They were NOT going to trap the mud, dirt, rain, snow and whatever stuff I was going to track into my Jeep after a long day of trails or grocery getting.

If you are one of the buyers that got a new or new used Jeep that came with some rugged mats then… why are you here. LOL. Maybe you are not quite satisfied with them… they leak, curl, side out of place… or not functioning as well as you expected. Here are a few to compare, discuss and ponder. Posted below are some of the mats I considered buying.

Listed below, it just so happens to be for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited which is what I own  – there are many variants available to fit your Jeep’s Year and Model.

Heavy Duty Floor Mats (Front/Rear) Rough Country

 If you have a BestTop Lock Box under your drivers see or Ham/CB radio equipment under the passenger seat these mats may interfere or conflict with the installation with the mats or equipment similar to the ones above.  I am not sure how far the extent of the seat from the back.

Price is $159.95 USD directly from Rough Country
Price is $159.95 USD through Amazon.com (free shipping)

All Terrain Floor Liner Kit (Front/Rear) Rugged Ridge

 I notice on the rear piece… they do NOT utilize the floors snap-in tab.  This most likely will not be an issue because it is so large and the little spikes grip into the carpet well enough.

  • The price is lower than the Rough Country.
  • Has the Tire Tread the maintains the Go-Anywhere attitude for Jeep

Price is $129.99 USD directly from:
Amazon.com (free shipping with Prime)
Quadratec.com (Shipping is calculated)
Rugged Ridge $144.32 USD —> Locate Dealer

Slush Mats for Jeep Wrangler JK – MOPAR

 MOPAR is the closest Official aftermarket product for Jeep Wranglers.  The slush mat is what I ended up getting for my 2014 JKU.  They are “Jeep” in my book.  The rubber material is very durable and continues to keep their shape, flexibility, and color (after a good spray washing).

These were one of my first Add-on accessories for me.  Prices and their availability can vary.  They can be ordered from the dealership but you likely going to be overpaying for them. Mopar site, Amazon (various vendors), or AllThingJeep (consisting has them).

If you are not too picky on the branding…  there are a few “look-alike” out there the come very closes…  they just might not say JEEP on them but are just as good.

Priced $89.98 USD and Fulfilled by Amazon.com
Priced $133.00 USD from All Things Jeep (consistently in stock)
Priced $135.00 USD from MOPR eStore (plus calculated shipping)


I hope this lineup of floor mats helps you plan for your “protection” efforts for your Jeep.  I am pretty happy with my Mopar Slush Mats.  They are easy to remove and clean.  Flexible and heavy so they are fairly easy to take out and heavy so they don’t move.  There snapping in tab was a great idea keep them where they need to be.  They survive the pressure spray at the local You-Wash place.

All three of the above may look to utilize the carpet tabs to help prevent the mat from moving out of place.

Do you have any you to recommend?   Please comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Best Jeep Floor Mats – First Jeep Add-ons”

  1. Great review as I have a lot of friends who own Jeeps and are always looking for a good set of floor mats. I will definitely be referring them to your website.
    Thank you David

  2. I love this website, being a Jeep owner and all. We need these mats. We bought the jeep from Ford of all places. But it is like new with low mileage. Because we bought it used, it does not have any floor mats. So this is something that we definitely need. Glad I found your website! Looking forward to doing some shopping!

    1. Thank you for the comments… Yes. Floor mats are a must especially if you still have carpet installed and plan on getting a little dirty with your Jeep. Even keeping your Jeep ON-road… It’s still a must because of the dirt and road salts/sand used during the winter months (if you live in a region that de-ices with salt or sand). Tracking that in will do some damage in any type of floor panels.

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