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Best Hands Free for your Jeep – Secure Your Devices

The first thing you think about this topic is probably: “Where am I going to put my cell phone and other gadgets? How am I getting power to it?  I want it clean and secure.”

  • Windshield suction cup thing…?  Don’t worry about the reduction in visibility.
  • Vent, CD Mounts, and Cup Holders…  let us take away that AC, Heater, and CD/DVD’s functionality and one for TWO cup holders.
  • 3M adhesive to a flat section of my dash…?   A game of “will-it-stick” yay! Limited locations.
  • Roll Cage Upgrade – Get the Cross-Bar for your dash.  …and keep the family safe!
  • JK E-Dock…  the answers to it all.
Mount it off or near the Windshield…

Easy to implement and easy to remove when needed.  One of the better options for securing your device.  There are a lot of not so good products of this type out there but only a few good ones.  The difficult part of sucking it to the glass is maintaining that seal.  The environmental conditions of the Jeep or any other vehicle, the extreme temperatures of the day to day, the surface of the glass and suction cup need to be free of debris and foreign matter.  Below is my number choice…  RAM Mounts. Not only are they made of really good materials, but they are universally adaptable.  I can customize it so it is usable with different devices or different mount types.

RAM Mounts are the best!  My first intro to them was my Megelleon GPS TRX7 (Real Offroad GPS – Android Unit) came with the RAM Mounting kit.

  • Extreme duty suction cup with twist lock
  • 20mm to 1in ball and sockets
  • X-Grip with 1in ball mount
  • 1in Socket extension arm
  • Bouns 1″ Bar Clam with 1in ball (used later)

Rugged Ridge Multi-Mount Phone Kit for 2011-2018

Up until a couple weeks ago, I had this in my Jeep Wrangler serving as my Smart mount holder.  Loved it!  It was a super easy install.  Requires pulling the rubber tray out from the upper dash storage area, unscrewing the 7mm bolt, installing the mount, screwing the 7mm back in and finally replacing the old tray with the new one.   Connect and tighten down the phone clamp.  That is it… You are ready to view your phone as a GPS or whatever.  No looking down at your cup holder or passenger seat taking YOUR eyes off the road.

I have used this is my iPhone 6s PLUS with a case on it.  So the clamps can keep it locked down for your next OFF Road adventure.

Vents and CD/DVD Mountable… And the Cup Holder

First… Jeep vents are not even an option.  They spin, flip, and twist around in any direction.  Not even worth the time trying to clip/clamp onto any of the fins of the Jeep vents.  The CD/DVD mount is certainly doable.  The drawback to using the slot is you are no longer able to play that form of media until the mount is removed.  Additionally, while the mount is inserted and the device is in place, your visibility of the information displayed on the CD/DVD/Radio head unit will be obscured.

Phone Mounts at Amazon  Noticed that I didn’t list any “Vent” mounts…

3M Stick’em Somewhere…

I didn’t just want to stick anything on my dash.  I found three products that I put to good use.  The third was kind for an experiment that was shortly replaced by the end-all solution.


Steelie: Firstly trying to find a great place that is FLAT enough to place a flat 3M backed surface to is very limited.  I found a small spot for the Steelie just below the radio next to an air vent.  This allows the phone to easily mounted and out of view of the radio’s display.

The downside to that is IF you are using the heater or AC, it will be blasting hot or cold air near the back of the phone. The hot is really not good for your phone and will lead you to issues.  Another side of the steelie is the attachment you need to put on the back of your phone… or a really sturdy case.

Another drawback is that your phone will start to sag downward as bumps in the road tend to vibrate and pivot the phone downward…  gravity right?

MagBak, a mount for iPhones:  If you are into iPhone cases that are like the slim type then MagBak is a really good option.  The MagBak case is light, thin, and not a bad choice for protecting your device.  With the MagBak case package comes two stylish magnetic mount points backed with a strong 3M adhesive to mount to your desired surface.

When magnets are placed you have two mounting options for your phone… Vertical and Horizontal.   I positioned mine in the Jeep just above the radio near the edge line of the dash.  This does cover part of the radio screen if you have it horizontal and all of the screen if you have it attached vertically.

I had one instance where I had hit a pretty crazy pot-hole and it was too much for the MagBak system to resists one of Newtons Laws…  my phone fell to the floor.  No damage though to my Jeep or the phone.

The Velcro…  Not so much for the phones…

So…  I have devices, mainly Ham radio head units and switch pods, that I need access to.  I wanted to have a quick way to attached or remove quickly for security.  I found at Home Depot a roll of Velcro tape that I can use to maybe solve the problem of security devices to my dash and conveniently removing to store someplace save.

I applied two strips of this plastic version Velcro across my dash along front just before the windshield vents.  Then on be back or bottoms of devices I would apply Velcro.  This worked great for my switch pod, GoPro and Radio head unit… until the summer started to really kick in.   Like the suction cups of windshields, the Velcro slowly looses to the elements.  Upon installation of the Velcro, I made certain to clean the surfaces of oils and dust with alcohol.

Next up…

THE CAGE…  Thinking Thunder-Dome?

Let us look at the bigger picture here.  One of the things that I liked about some of the roll cage upgrade kits for the Jeeps is that steel bar that goes across the dash.  The bar is there for your safety and is perfect for installing mount points for stuff like radio head units, cell phone mounts, Navigation, GoPros, or whatever.  So here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.

Priced $669 – $900  Poison Spyder and Smittybilt…  I plan on doing a future post just on cages.  Lots to talk about… some require a lot of effort for fitment.  Just mention them here because of the option to mount your gadgets to them.

 Jeep SmittyBijlt_RollCage

Perfect Solution…  for ME and Maybe you…

JK E-Dock by Vector Offroad.  I have been looking for something like this everywhere.

The cage is not for everyone, it is not for me for now, it is too expensive for me currently and it adds extra weight.  I found what works for me and all of my gadgets, to include my cell phone was the product from Vector OffRoad.  This gives me that across-the-dash bar that I want and is not crazy expensive.

Seen it a Youtube review…  Vector Offroad produces a bar that utilized the pre-placed bolt-on pints just below the windshield on passenger and driver side.  There is a clip covering the access.  The third bolt-on point is under the center dash storage.  In my case, I need to remove and Rugged Ridge Multi-Mount Phone holder to install the bar.

Partnered with 67Design, a company that produces mounts much like RAM Mounts that are equally as universal and tough.

Vector Bar Upgrades by 67 Designs



2 thoughts on “Best Hands Free for your Jeep – Secure Your Devices”

  1. I really am a big fan of the handsfree stuff. Messing with your cell phone, GPS, etc. is a huge safety concern. In the past months, my mother was actually hit by a lady in a work zone because the person probably wasn’t paying attention. I am guessing she was probably on her cell phone.

    What about the handsfree clips that hook into your vent. Do you think those are worth the money though?

    1. Garen,
      Thank you so much for reading my article and taking the time to comment. I live in Ohio and I think it is still legal to talk on your cell phone while driving which really make me cringe. I have gotten so used to using the Bluetooth that with would be very inconvenient to talk with the cell phone in hand up against my head. Every I start my car or Jeep… the vehicle’s Bluetooth grabs that audio handset device relentlessly, you have to force it back to the phone.

      Back to the question. Vent Phone Mounts for the Jeeps… They are very much a great option and worth the money, I just steered away from them because, with the Jeep Wrangler, the vents in the vehicle are not very conducive to the type of mount. The Jeep Wrangler vents roll, spin, and rotate very freely. This would not be a stable platform for the vent phone mount. I am very certain that other “Jeep” brand vehicles are better candidates IF they operate with the traditional style of air vents.

      Again thank you for your comment.

      “Jeep Wave” to yah!

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