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I enjoy helping others as discussions are had, and our Jeeps are talked about.  You and I both know that “Product” are to be scored, discussed, and decided on.  Here… that is my angle, I have my Jeep, I built it up, and you may do the same.  I deep down don’t want others to make the same mistakes I made…  or find themselves spending too much for something when there is something of equal or greater value out there they didn’t even know about.  So… I use affiliate links to as many products as I can… what that means is… I will share, recommend, link to a vendor even if they don’t have an affiliate program.   I do want the best value for you.  

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I want to introduce myself to you all. I love Jeeps and the community of Jeepers that comes with it. If you haven’t already, you should go as soon as possible, go out with a group of Jeepers and explore some of this earth. You will love it! You will make friends, help each other out with questions, you’ll talk for hours about your Jeeps, and of course about where you’ve been and where you want to go next.

…a ride in your Jeep??  …YES!

I got the “Jeep” bug in me when I was about ten years or so.  I grew up outside a small town with a population of 375, a place where EVERYONE knows everyone else.  It has its Pros and Cons.  We lived outside of town and pretty much would make that drive into town maybe once a week.  So…  our next-door neighbor (one of about a mile away) drove passed our house in his Jeep that his dad got him or was letting him drive… I don’t know, he was about 16 and in high school.  He must have seen me just staring at him as he drove past.  Well, he stopped and put it in reverse and called me out to the road.  Yes… I dropped whatever I was doing to go over and take a closer look.  “Hey,” Corey said to me, “you wanna ride?  I am going out to the back of the property.”  What did I do…?  Got in!  Small town; everyone knows everyone.   I felt awesome!

Jeep, Jeep, Jeep…  Huh, What?

I can remember almost every detail of the Jeep… but now a single thing we were talking about….  I was just absorbing everything about the Jeep.

SO…  It was a CJ-7 with a copper-brown metallic paint job, lots of chrome pieces, wheels, roll cage, front and rear bumper, KC lights, nerf/rock sliders, and all the gauges on the dash were accented in chrome.  It had black bucket seats.  They had put a JVC tape deck stereo in it… blasting Metallica!  Big tires of course.  OH…  and no freaking doors!  AWESOME!

First Jeep “Adventure”

On our way out to the back of the property, we drove through the tall grass of which was being irrigated.  As you can imagine, water was flying off the tires up and into the air, forming “rooster tails.”  Awesome!  We must have driven around back there for a good ten mins checking on the “irrigation” for his day… and “had” to take the Jeep.  Anyways, it came to an end, and he dropped me back off at my house on his way home.  That was the first and last time I got to ride in a Jeep like that for a very, very long time.  I was just absolutely enthralled and enamored with Jeeps ever since then. I could not wait to get a Jeep of my own when I get older!   Twenty-five or so years later,  I finally did it… I own Jeep now!

Living in South Korea for about 12 years…  and in need of another Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV), I took clear advantage of an end of the year rebate; I found myself buying an “out with the old… in with the new” 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport S…  Anvil (Greenish Grayish) color.  JKU – The family version.

Just Empty Every Pocket

Like me and countless others…. you are going to want to make your new or “new-2-you” Jeep yours. You are going to acquire accessories like hand grips to pull your self into your Jeep after that newly installed “big-lift”!

You MUST check out my current Jeep Build called JASPER-1… Click HERE
(Working on the Build Page OOOooo… 2014 from stock to Big Jeep)

Jeep Family

I love the Jeep family so much! I want to bring more people together to this site where great ideas and recommendations can be shared.  What do you think?

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